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What is the point of getting worried when you are not so sure about your future? At NamoAstro, a talk or chat with astrologers online service will give you an opportunity for online astrology consultation for remedies you may seek for obstacles in your life. Astrology Live Chat and Talk with professional astrologers will help you discover your destiny with the help of expert horoscope analysis, instant astrology readings and tailored expert astrological guidance.

Our experienced astrologers are just a call away, so the moment you feel the need to talk with astrologers online, you will only need to connect with your favourite astrologer for an online astrology chat in India. We at NamoAstro, bring you a battery of over 500 professional astrologers who are available to answer your queries through Astro consultation. Using our Live Astrology Chat and Talk feature you can contact ‌our online astrologers and share with them your problems across all aspects of life including love, finance, Vastu, career, luck, marriage, children, and so on.

Online Astrology Consultation at your Fingertips

Whether you want to know about your future or need astrological remedies for obstacles in your life or need advice on the most auspicious day for some ceremony at home, or perform some sanskara (ritual) for your child, consulting with Astrologers online can provide you with great relief. At NamoAstro, our professional astrologers can help you with a solution by reading your planetary positions on your Janampatri (horoscope). We offer you a consultation with an Astrologer service for instant astrology readings. You only need to connect with your preferred astrologer via our astrology consultation service and ask your queries.

24x7 Astrology Consultancy Services

NamoAstro is one of the best platforms for online astrology consultations, offering reliable and affordable astrology services through live astrology readings. Our trusted astrologers possess vast experience in developing horoscopes making predictions, providing astrology remedies, and catering to you for the solutions to problems that you might be facing in your life.

Astrologers at NamoAstro can analyse your Janampatri, make predictions, detect doshas due to planetary transits and also help you with astrological remedies. You can use any of our professional astrology services to consult our astrologers for remedies and the removal of doshas. Whether you choose to follow the remedies they have shared for all users or want personalised services by talking or chatting with them directly, we are fully committed to assisting you in every way possible.

FAQs About NamoAstro

At NamoAstro, we are committed to offering you a comprehensive astrology-related consultation. You will also get help with horoscope matching, birthday preparation, career/studies/job consultations, planetary position, doshas, and remedies, palm reading, auspicious days for special events and many more services. You can talk to our astrologers directly too. Check our About Us and Services section for more.

Yes. Before listing astrologers on NamoAstro, we follow a standard and rigorous verification process while choosing our astrologers on the panel. We look for astrologers with a minimum of three years of experience, who possess a good knowledge of astrology, and who are passionate and committed to providing accurate and reliable astrological readings.

You will have to fill in the sign-up form with all the necessary details. Once you submit it, you will receive a registration confirmation email.

Birth details will be used to generate your horoscope and know your planetary positions to offer your astrology consultation. None of your information will be made public or sold to third parties

Talking to astrologers is a paid service. First, sign up and sign in with NamoAstro. Then, recharge your NamoAstro Wallet with the minimum necessary amount. Once your wallet account balance reflects the current balance, you will have to confirm your mobile number (you can even change the mobile number) and then proceed to click on the "Call" button. As soon as you click on the call button, you will immediately receive a call from your preferred astrologer, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your birth chart.

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