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Leo Today's Horoscope

Leo Today's Horoscope

Leo’s horoscope for today suggests natives can expect a fine day ahead. At work, your dedication will earn you recognition. Businesspersons in finance must ensure strong legal compliance to avoid complications with authorities. Pay attention to career matters, and respect guidance from elders, particularly older siblings. Avoid neglecting health warnings, as bone and stomach discomfort may arise. Opt for light, easily digestible meals to prevent acidity issues. Overall, heed the advice and maintain diligence for a successful day.

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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Quick Facts

  • Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22
  • Leo Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Leo Quality: Fixed
  • Leo Sign Symbol: Lion
  • Leo Element: Fire
  • Leo Lucky Days:  Sunday
  • Leo Lucky Number: 1, 3, 10, 19
  • Leo Lucky Colour: Gold, Yellow, Orange
  • Leo Lucky Stone: Peridot
  • Leo Compatible Signs:  Aquarius, Gemini
  • Leo Unfavourable Signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

Leo Personality Trait

Leo zodiac sign individuals are very confident and love to become the centre of attention. They are very ambitious and loyal, as well as aggressively protective of their loved ones. Leo sign individuals are drama lovers, luxury lovers, generous, lively and big-hearted.

Individuals born under the Leo zodiac possess natural leadership skills and are very confident about their traits. These individuals are creative too and love to dominate others. Their presence is very enriching and very hard to resist. Leo signs have an innate quality of achieving anything they set their minds to. If they decide they want something, they do not rest until their wish is fulfilled. Leo, as their zodiac name and symbol show, carries the “king of the jungle” personality. These loyal and generous individuals make many friends. Their high confidence level and attractive personalities help them bring people from different groups together. They are skilled at leading large groups of people towards a common goal. Also, Leo zodiac sign people are very humorous, making it a great tool to team with others.

  • Leo Strengths: These individuals are very creative, loyal, generous, big-hearted, cheerful, humorous and passionate.
  • Leo Weaknesses: Leo signs are known to be arrogant, self-centred, lazy, dominating and stubborn.

Leo Lover

Ruled by the Sun, Leos are great lovers too. However, they love undivided attention, and hence they easily fall in love with the person who can give it to them all the time. These individuals are very fast at falling in love, and hence quite often they end up loving the wrong person.

Leo Family Person

Leo zodiac individuals are very self-obsessed, and family may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, they are very protective of their loved ones and value them deeply. Usually, they become independent very early in life. These individuals are also very proud of their roots, traditions, cultures and ancestry, no matter what situation they are in. 

Leo Professionals

Leo zodiac individuals can become diplomats, politicians, movie directors, motivational speakers, investment bankers, or anything similar. Any career where they have the opportunity to show their leadership skills is right for them. Leos are great orators, artists and performers too, and they love to socialise and interact with people.

These individuals are very aggressive and passionate about their work, so no one can stop them in their endeavour. They are idealists, and money cannot drive them. However, admiration and appreciation keep them motivated. They love any job that allows them to be leaders, and they can work around the clock.

Leo Men

Leo men are very protective, warm-hearted, extremely helpful, very caring, and chivalrous. The men are very generous and loyal too, and they do not meddle with things that can impact their reputation. You are a very helpful zodiac in the constellation, and you are always there when people need you. Though you do not like asking for money, you will not mind borrowing when you want to help someone.

Leo Women

Leo women are no less attractive and charming. These females are independent and have a strong sense of self. They do not have a herd mentality and never follow the crowd. Moreover, these luxuries-seeking females desire finer things in life. They seek the best for themselves and their loved ones.