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Cancer Today's Horoscope

Cancer Today's Horoscope

People close to you usually try to take advantage of your emotional and compassionate nature. So, you are advised to be cautious of people around you and think carefully when someone asks for some help, irrespective of who is asking. Day is favourable for investment, but take advice from a reliable person before you invest. Today, your children may keep you busy in your free time. Avoid meeting people today. No matter how difficult things are outside, ‌you will find solace in your partner’s arms. Today, you will enjoy fantastic health. However, make sure you do not indulge in junk food.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Quick Facts

  • Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22
  • Cancer Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Cancer Quality: Cardinal
  • Cancer Sign Symbol: Crab
  • Cancer Element: Water
  • Cancer Lucky Days:  Monday, Thursday
  • Cancer Lucky Number: 2, 3, 15, 20
  • Cancer Lucky Colour: White
  • Cancer Lucky Stone: Ruby
  • Cancer Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Taurus
  • Cancer Unfavourable Signs: Leo, Sagittarius and Aries

Cancer Personality Trait

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer zodiac sign natives are deeply compassionate, emotional, intuitive and sentimental. These characteristics make Cancer zodiac natives very difficult to know. Cancer natives are highly sensitive and give more value to family and home matters. Individuals born under the Cancer Sun sign are very empathetic to ‌others’ suffering. Cancer zodiacs are moody too and are usually sweet-natured. These natives are reliable when you need a shoulder to cry on. Typical Sun in Cancer people are nurturing, self-protective, and represent comfort and maternal energy. Cancerians are creative people and find happiness in creative work. They are reserved, provide a strong foundation in a relationship, and make a perfect supportive companion. 
  • Cancer Strengths: Cancer zodiac individuals are tenacious, loyal, highly imaginative, sympathetic, emotional and persuasive.
  • Cancer Weaknesses: Pessimistic by nature, moody, insecure, secretive, shy and manipulative.

Cancer Lover

Cancer zodiac natives are loyal partners and very romantic when in a love relationship. They listen to what their heart wants. Additionally, they will want you to know how much they care for you and what you mean to them. The natives of this sun sign are the most sensitive and do everything with love in their hearts and minds; hence, they are also known as the most tender lovers.

Cancer Family Person

Cancers are very loving, caring, and nurturing, and for them, home and family come first. They can easily adopt the role of caregivers. However, the crabs need to be very careful here, as when they invest emotionally in someone, they have this tendency to forget the difference between careful nurturing and controlling nature. This can irritate the people around them.

Cancer Professionals

Cancerians are very creative and love to engage in creative activities. Therefore, you will see great painters and artists in them. They are brilliant at expressing their imaginations and emotions and can do great as writers. They can also make a career in sales, marketing and advertising, ideally in the food and beverage industry. Cancer zodiac natives can excel in fields that involve nurturing and helping others, like social work, healthcare, teaching and counselling.

Cancer Men

Cancer men are usually soft, loving and caring for those for whom they care. They are very good partners and help in building strong relationships. They are loyal in love and expect the same loyalty from their partners. Cancer natives seek intense love from their partners and are desirous of somebody who can help them build a fairytale relationship. Cancer men are chivalrous but very sensitive and can easily get hurt.

Cancer Women

Cancer women, too, are tender-hearted and the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Female Cancer individuals are usually stubborn, obedient, furious, moody, and mild, all at the same time. They are protective, sensitive, loyal, intuitive, caring, ‌and imaginative.